Education & Animal Management

The following links provide information on educational and animal management topics: backyard/urban chickens, poultry and egg laying, husbandry, other species, and marketplace/commerce links.

Best "Mega-Portal Poultry Sites"

University of Arkansas Extension: Poultry Links

Factors Impacting Egg Production

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Backyard & "Urban Chicken" Links

Urban 4-H

Urban Chicken Coop

Neighbor Relations

Backyard Chicken Revival

Chicken on the agenda of local planning commission in Michigan

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Poultry & Egg Laying

University of Arkansas Extension: Poultry Links

"Why did my Chickens stop laying?"

Factors Impacting Egg Production

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"Fresh-air Poultry Houses" for Healthier Poultry

Online Community for Raising Chickens

Candling Eggs

Manure Management


H1N1 Avian Flu Virus

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Other Species

Raising Quail <>

Exotic Poultry

Raising Chukar Partridges

Pheasants: Protein and Calcium in Diets of Wild Pheasants Feeding Ecology as a Nutritional Tool
Click here for a MS Word File of a Report By: Christine Sheppard, Ellen Dierenfeld and Martin Burnett, Department of Ornithology, Wildlife Conservation Society

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Breeders and Broiler Performance

Broiler Performance

Poultry News

Organic Broilers


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