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Resolve Sustainable Solutions, LLC, was originally founded in 2003 with the mission of producing premium animal nutrition and behavioral enrichment products for backyard hobbyists, farms, gamebird producers, aviculture stewards, and zoological collections.

The mission of the company is two-fold:

  • To provide “optimal nourishment” products that simulate the traditional diet an animal would consume in its natural habitat.

  • To encourage captive animals to behave in much the same way as their ancestors, fulfilling instincts to search for, locate, secure and ingest their own food, or forage.

Over 20 years of collaboration with a team of experts in the fields of animal behavior, animal nutrition, and animal husbandry has led to the development of an unmatched product line; setting a new standard in the animal nutrition industry.

Resolve Sustainable Solutions is founded upon stewardship traditions and today fosters the growth and evolution of stewardship by:

  • Helping animal managers streamline their efforts.

  • Educating our customers and colleagues.

  • Promoting long-term, ethical animal stewardship and conservation breeding practices.

  • Practicing captive animal stewardship directly.

All products are formulated and designed to provide the following:

  • A diet that is nutritionally balanced.

  • A diet that stimulates natural feeding behaviors.

  • A diet that the animal consistently consumes.

  • A diet that is also practical and economical to feed.

The aim of sustainable agriculture is to nourish all elements of the food chain: To produce food that is healthy and humane for animals, workers, and consumers, while restoring the environment and supporting rural communities, including offering a fair wage to the farmer. Sustainable agriculture is accomplished when the farmer enacts methods to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. When following our principles, including recalibrated animal husbandry protocols, profit margins increase.

Our guiding principle is efficacy, defined as “the capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness”; this efficacy is governed by three simple elements: ethics, sustainability, and education.

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Resolve Objective #1: ETHICS

"We bring free range into the coop."

  • Resolve products encourage natural foraging behaviors.

  • Resolve products provide a diversified diet, such as an animal would encounter in the wild.

  • Resolve products promote more manageable maintenance, potentially improving conditions inside enclosures, benefiting animals and managers.

  • Resolve offers premium animal nutrition at a reasonable price.

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"The only viable option."

  • Resolve helps farmers' endeavors become more sustainable.

  • Resolve's ingredients are digested efficiently and produce less waste.

  • Resolve products enable efficient use of animal managers' time.

  • Resolve utilizes ingredients produced by sustainable farming practices.

  • Resolve also sources ingredients from modern food manufacturing systems, thereby recycling healthful products that may have otherwise been discarded.

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Resolve Objective #3: EDUCATION

"An informed steward is an empowered steward."

Resolve retains a team of consultants and scientists who:

  • Foster sustainable farming and aviculture for future generations.

  • Research and experiment with progressive management regimes.

  • Maintain and improve an extensive education section on our website.

  • Participate in the greater dialogue among livestock and captive wildlife stewards and researchers.

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Our products are available through leading retailers and wholesalers.

If you are a customer, please go to our “Where to Buy” section to find a distributor near you, or contact us for purchase.
If you are a retailer/wholesaler, please contact us with your questions and inquiries.

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